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About the Life Purpose Clinic

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Life Purpose Clinic is a merging of the passion of collaborating partners who have spent the past 3 decades empowering people.

Our clients include large government agencies and corporations as well as individuals seeking to identify and fulfil their life’s purpose. These range from top performers who cannot find meaning in the work through individuals who are seemingly drifting through life without any direction.

Life Purpose Clinic addresses the growing incidence of individuals who are expressing feelings of emptiness and frustration. There are some 1.5 million local monthly Google searches for “purpose”. People are screaming for help.

Our experienced global team of subject matter experts, trainers, developers and technology solution providers have designed a custom offering which caters specifically to this need to find purpose and meaning.

Our offering is a comprehensive program encompassing a mix of assessments, blogs, training materials, coaching tools, and live coaching to guide the journey of discovery and provide a clear roadmap of actions and systems that are required to support the quest for meaning and purpose.

Key vehicles will include:

  • Guiding you in finding your purpose with objective analysis of your behavioural preferences using the world-leading Extended DISC assessment system. Personal behavioural style is a key indicator of the direction in which your life purpose is to be found and fulfilled.

  • Deeping your search for purpose and meaning with a “Life Purpose Inventory” which gives you clarity regarding the career aspects of your life’s mission. This is a stocktaking of your interests leading to a ranking of clusters of occupations in order of their fit with your preferences and orientation.

  • Moving you to actually achieve your purpose by providing you with a “Passion Compass” to identify where your interests are pointing and guide you to a desired destination. This battery of questions systematically guides you through a review of things that have captured your attention and excited your passions.

  • Addressing the critical structure, systems and accountability objectives in a 30-day “Find & Achieve your Life Purpose” boot camp. It provides a stream of training and coaching materials that guides you through the darkness of your pain and leads you into the light of transformed lives.

  • Providing a selection of internationally acclaimed systems and tools to facilitate your journey and hold you accountable for reaching your destination.